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Empower your business with tailored payment solutions for every industry and business type.

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Versatile Payment Solutions for Every Business Type

Our solutions cater to diverse businesses beyond traditional categories, offering efficiency, security, and a seamless payment experience.


Cheers to hassle-free transactions! Discover tailored payment solutions that complement the unique needs of bars and nightlife venues.


Efficient and reliable payment processing for supermarkets, ensuring a smooth checkout experience for both customers and staff.

Brick and Mortar Retail

Power up your retail store with our versatile payment solutions, designed to enhance the in-store shopping experience.

Quick Service Restaurants

Streamline transactions and enhance customer experience with our efficient payment solutions designed for quick-service restaurants.

Fine Dining Restaurants

Elevate the dining experience with seamless and secure payment solutions tailored for fine dining establishments

Food Trucks

On-the-go payments made easy! Explore our flexible payment solutions crafted for food trucks to keep your business moving.

Liquor Stores

Simplify purchases and improve customer satisfaction in liquor stores with our specialized payment solutions.

Beauty Salons

Delight your clients with convenient and secure payments at beauty salons, adding a touch of sophistication to your business.


Modernize your barbershop's payment system and offer a seamless experience for clients with our tailored solutions.

Hair Salons

Elevate your hair salon's operations with our advanced payment solutions, designed to meet the specific needs of salon businesses.

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Tailored solutions for diverse businesses! Explore our payment options designed to meet the unique needs of various industries, ensuring a seamless and secure transaction experience.


Prioritize patient experience in medspas with our specialized payment solutions, ensuring smooth and reliable transactions.


Seamlessly accept online payments with our virtual terminal, providing secure and convenient solutions for businesses operating in the digital space.

Nail Salons

Transform nail salon transactions with our secure and efficient payment solutions, tailored to enhance customer satisfaction.

Hubwallet POS
Clover POS

Hubwallet POS

Customized solutions for your business

Tailored solutions designed exclusively for your business needs, ensuring precision and efficiency.

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Sleek design. Beautiful experience

Meet Hubwallet E800 POS – your sleek and powerful solution for seamless transactions at any point of sale. Elevate your business with ease and efficiency.

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Clover POS

A full POS in the palm of your hand

With a dual‑screen terminal perfect for high‑volume counters, you’ll accept payments and make faster customer transactions.

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Next-Gen Terminals for Seamless Business Operations

Efficiency meets innovation with our sleek, high-performance terminals. Elevate your operations for a seamless experience, benefitting both you and your customers.

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Secure Gateways, Elevating Payment Processing

Embark on the future of payment processing with our secure gateways, ensuring seamless transactions and business expansion.

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What are Credit Card Terminals?

Credit card terminals are point of sale (POS) devices used by merchants to process payment cards to make electronic funds transfers. A terminal allows a merchant to capture required credit and debit card information and to transmit the data to the merchant services provider or bank for authorization and finally, to transfer funds to the merchant. Each terminal is designed for a customer to insert or hold a card near the device to capture the card information. Terminals can also be paired with pinpads to accept pin-based debit card transactions.

Expanded Payment Options

Embrace legitimacy and broaden your customer base by accepting various payment types through credit cards. Diversifying payment methods drives increased revenue for your business.

Transparent Financial Tracking

Say goodbye to the challenges of reconciling accounts with cash payments. Accepting credit cards establishes a transparent paper trail, minimizing suspicion from government officials and reducing the risk of IRS audits.

Boosting Sales Through Flexibility

Capture impulse buyers and a broader customer base by accepting credit cards. Avoid losing out on potential sales due to customers lacking cash at the moment. Flexibility attracts sales, making your business more appealing.

Enhanced Security and Customer Trust

Address security concerns by accepting debit and credit cards. Customers expect the convenience and security of card transactions, giving your business an edge over cash-only competitors.

Increased Spending with Convenience

Experimental research indicates that customers tend to spend approximately 18 percent more when using credit cards. Offering this convenient payment option requires less thought from customers, further boosting your sales.